How it works

Use drag and drop to design the UI

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Connect the database and services

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Deploy as either a mobile or web app

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When is this rolling out along AZ-19?

In order to allow time for set-up and to learn about the program, Localight will follow this monthly schedule:

  • July: Set up your business profile and learn about program
  • August: Team up with a nonprofit that will be recommended to your customers in the Localight app
  • September: Businesses invite customers to cross-promote one another, earn rewards, and contribute Change for Charity.
Do I need special POS equipment or integration?

No. Deposits are made directly to your deposit account on a weekly basis. Add your banking information in the form (step 3).

When will customers be able to use Localight?

On September 21st the general public will be invited to use the Localight app at your business. Starting in late August private groups of consumers will be invited to use it.

How do offers work?

Offers help bring in new customers, and reward existing customers. The fee for each used offer is 8%. The balance of the transaction will be deposited to your bank account.

How does "Change for Charity" work?

Each business chooses a nonprofit to recommend, and your customers will be prompted to donate their change within the app. If the purchase price is $50.25 the donation would be 75¢.

When will points launch and how do they work?

Customers will be able to start earning points this 2021 holiday season, we are aiming for Black Friday. When customers earn points they can use them at any Localight business. Points are paid out at 100%, meaning that you will receive 100% of the money for items purchased with points.

Claim your business profile

The set-up fee for your Spotlight profile in the Localight App has been covered by the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation. Simply answer the questions below to start the process. You will be able to review your profile and make any changes starting on August 1st.

Tell us an offer or promotion that has brought new people to your business. For example, "$1 tacos on Taco Tuesday." App users can either earn Points or redeem Offers. They will purchase the offer through the app. We will confirm any details with you before your Offer goes live.

Now let us know who will be the main contact for any updates to your business profile? If you have multiple locations and managers, please complete this form for each location.

How does money flow?

Localight will cross-promote your business to new customers, engage existing ones, and reward them for their loyalty. They pay within the app and the money is deposited to your account. A normal transaction fee of 3% applies. Localight will give 2% back to the customer as points, or they can use an Offer. The balance will be deposited to your account in one week. Offers bring in new customers, and Points bring customers back again and again.

Where should we deposit payments?

Don't worry, no money will be deducted from your account when you add your banking information. Only deposits will go to this account.

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🎉 Thank you... We'll start working on your profile!
Over the coming weeks we are setting up business profiles in the Localight App. You will have a chance to try it out before it is announced to the general public.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!
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